Welcome to the Protein Biochemistry Laboratory

Our research group is interested in understanding how plants develop and how hormones assist them in this complex task. More specifically, we work with plant peptide hormones.  A great deal of our efforts and projects has to do with the function and mechanism of action of a family of peptides called RALF (short for Rapid Alkalinization Factor). We use as many tools as necessary to do this task but mainly we work with genetic and biochemistry techniques such as mutant screening, hybridizations, biological assays, protein extraction and purification, immunoprecipitation and protein labeling. We also make use of molecular biology (cloning, genetic transformation, gene expression, yeast-two-hybrid), plant tissue culture and microscopy.  

Prospective students are always welcome. Our graduate students are engaged in the "Genetics and Plant Breeding",  "Plant Physiology and Biochemistry" or in the "Internacional Cellular and Molecular Plant Biology" programs. For more information please contact us at danielmoura@usp.br or by phone at 55 19 3429.4344 ext 17.